About Us


Core-Vens & Company, Inc. was founded in 1963.  We’re a family owned and operated independent insurance agency, located in Clinton, Iowa.  We’ve been insuring firearms collectors, dealers and shooting sportsman since 1987.  TransGuard Insurance Company of America, Inc., a Member of IAT Insurance Group, is currently providing the coverage for our program.   With them, we continue to provide competitive pricing, excellent claims service and a secure market for collectable and sporting firearms. 

We have a great working relationship with TransGuard / IAT Insurance Group and we’re very involved in the underwriting process.  We have the authority to make most coverage decisions in our office. Therefore, we can get you covered in a matter of hours.   Whether you’re a fine firearms dealer, collector or shooting sportsman, we’ve got you covered!

Give us a call at 800.796.9907 or email tim.hartsock@corevens.com to find out more about this special program.